Leavers 2016

In 2016 we said goodbye to our first U16 youth team managed by Darren Ridd and coached by Dave Smale.  From the under 9 start this group steadily improved achieving great results. This team is a great group of lads and their improvement in football can be attributed to hard work in training and a strong team spirit - two things that are important to our approach to this group.


U13 Runner Up of the North Devon Youth League Cup (2012/13)

U14 Runners Up of the North Devon Youth League (2013/14)

U14 Winners of the North Cornwall Cup (2013/14)

U15 Winners of the North Devon Youth League Cup (2014/15)

U16 Runners up of North devon Youth League 2015/16


2015/2016 Fixtures North Devon Youth League U16s

To find results for the latest matches and our position on the North Devon Youth Football League please click the link below.  NB due to weather conditions match programmes are subject to change - your manager will have the latest information.