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Notes to Parents.


1. Injury Risks: Important.
Parents are advised that members play entirely at their own risk. Parents should therefore take steps to insure their sons/daughters against injury, both while playing and while travelling to and from matches.


2. Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather parents must check that training sessions are taking place before leaving their children at the training ground.


3. Transport to and from Matches and Training Sessions
It is entirely the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are provided with transport both to and from matches and training sessions.

The Club can take no responsibility for accidents which may take place whilst members are travelling in other parents or Committee members cars or other vehicles. It is the responsibility of the parents/carers to ensure that players can get safely to and from matches, training and Eastside events.  We have a duty of care for the children whilst at training, matches and club events but are not responsible for children making their own way to and from any of our sessions.


4. Behaviour
Responsible behaviour is expected from all players and spectators, both on and off the playing field and on the touchline whilst playing, travelling to and from games and during training sessions. Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated at any time. Please refer to Code of Good Practice. The responsibility for the payment of those Fines / cautions given by the referee rests solely with the offending player and his/her parents/guardians. Any fines not paid within 14 days of the offence, will result in the player being suspended from playing matches until the fine is paid.

If any player or parent has an issue on match day please do not attempt to sort

things out yourself, you must inform your team manager ASAP and he/she will

address the situation, spectators are never to enter the field of play - neither player or parent are permitted to approach the opposition on or off the pitch. Unsporting

behaviour could lead to suspension from Eastside. In extreme cases the North Devon Youth League and Devon FA will issue a hefty fine to Eastside and could suspend our whole club from playing football.


5.Clothing & Under Garments
Parents must ensure that their children are properly clothed for the prevailing conditions before leaving them at matches or training sessions.

A member who resigns or is expelled shall not be entitled to claim any, or a share of any, of the Club Property.

Under Garments: By FA ruling the colour of a players under skin has to be the same

colour as the main sleeve on the football shirt and the bottom to be the main colour ofthe shorts. You may have to remove these garments at the referee's request if your

under skin is not the correct colour


6. Shin Pads / Studs

Shin Pads must be worn for training and matches and our coaches will monitor

this - No shin pads, no play! Boys or girls must wear shin pads at all times whilst playing or training. They must only wear boots with studs within the legal requirements. It is a parental responsibility to see that these rules are observed.


7. Keep Hydrated
Boys or girls must must bring a drink to training and matches.


8. Smoking and Drinking

It is great to see so many supporters at our childrens football matches, please help us to continue to provide a fun, effective and safe environment for the children. On this note we would just like to add that it is not permitted for you to smoke on the sidelines and there is a strict NO alcohol policy. Please do not bring alcohol to any of our youth football matches.


9. Players who wear glasses
In light of the recent FA ruling regarding wearing glasses whilst playing football. Club members should come prepared with their sports goggles i.e. fully framed, strap around the head, toughened glass and no sharp areas. It will be at the referee’s discretion as to whether they allow a child wearing 'normal' glasses to play in any matches. For more information on Sports Goggles go to


Thank you for your co-operation.




Please contact our Club Welfare Officer :

Samantha on 07974 437 514

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